Duty "Warrior" [Compensator] RH Holster


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Warrior Compensator Holster KIT
for Type-B Gen I & II
Meticulously designed by Rain6 and engineered by Comp-Tac.


This holster is for Type-B firearms with installed Iron Horse Archon Type B Compensators.

When every moment counts, whether in competition, self-defense, or training scenarios, the Rain6 Type-B Holster is the premier choice. 

Building on the highly acclaimed Comp-Tac International Holster, which boasts over 300 five-star reviews, the Rain6 Type-B Holster is tailor-made for the Archon Type-B Pistol. Its exceptional design and compatibility make it a standout option for operators seeking unparalleled performance.


  • Archon Type-B Gen I
  • Archon Type B Gen II 

Constructed from premium Kydex®, the holster guarantees a competition-ready experience with its smooth, low-friction surface facilitating rapid draws and effortless re-holstering. The material's inherent durability against bending, stretching, sweat, and solvents ensures that the Archon Type-B Gen 2 Holster remains a top choice for years to come.

  • Belt Mount: Preferred by competition shooters worldwide, our belt mount is the pinnacle of security and comfort. It's meticulously designed to hug your hip comfortably, ensuring your holster stays put no matter the action.

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