"Sapper Dark" Archon Type B G2


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The "Sapper Dark" by Sapper Tactical
A Rain6 Collaboration For the Archon Type B Gen II


             RAIN6 is proud to introduce the "Sapper Dark" collaboration Archon Type B Gen 2 build by Sapper Tactical. Sapper Tactical is an up and coming custom firearm outfitter based out of Portland, TN. and is owned and operated by a former US Marine, Clint Price. Clint served as a combat engineer in a route clearing platoon while working an IED detection dog. A Sapper school grad, and not one to do anything halfway, Clint pushed hard as an artist and pursued cutom firearms work upon departing the Marine Corps in 2013. RAIN6 is proud to offer Clint's "Sapper Dark" build to its customers and to especially promote and share this special edition build for the exceptional Archon Type B. The Sapper Dark is finely detailed upon inspection, and as functional as it is first-in-form.

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Sapper Edition:

  • Textured stipple aka "60 Grit" w/ recessed borders
  • Cerakote colors custom mixed grey, black and dark grey
  • Pattern similar to multi-cam w/ increased sharpness and definition
  • Combat Trigger- Ultra-Tuned trigger w/ zero overtravel plus short reset
  • Optic-Cut, Choose ACRO, RMR, or Holosun EPS Carry, K series, RMS Shield Sights.
  • Barrel Porting x 12 x 1.6mm optional on this build
  • Base Pad +1 Included
  • Extra grip modules are Stippled

* Once the order is placed, if you have optioned cerakote for an optic, and or light to match Sapper Dark theme, please send accessorie(s) and order # to Rain6. 528 W Main St. Vernal, UT 84078



Base Archon Type B Gen II Features:

  1. AF-Speedlock® The patented AF-Speedlock® technology revolutionizes pistol design by preventing barrel tilting during the slide cycle. This innovative system ensures the barrel moves in a straight path, resulting in enhanced accuracy and stability during follow-up shots, surpassing traditional Browning system pistols.
  2. Ultra-Low Bore Axis: Experience the benefits of the lowest in class bore-axis, which includes improved recoil management, minimal muzzle flip, faster split times, and increased accuracy, all leading to an unrivaled shooting experience.

  3. Premium Trigger: Experience the Type B's full steel trigger with internal safety, negating the distraction of protruding trigger safeties. The tactile shortened trigger reset allows faster follow-up shots for rapid and precise target engagement.

  4. Magazine Release: Mag changes are swift and positive due to the Type B's steel magazines coupled with its dynamic tension behind the mag release button. Also ambidextrous capable within minutes.

  5. Extended Beveled Magazine Well: Quickly funnel magazines into the pistols mag-well for fast reloads. Apply pressure to the pronounced bevel for a sure purchase to the grip.

  6. Enhanced Beaver Tail: Eliminate slide bite while decreasing muzzle flip by leveraging the extended beaver tail.

  7. Front Serrated Notch: Perform press checks and slide manipulations easily and confidently with the Type B's first in industry slide design.

  8. Modular Grip: Customize the Type B's grip length to run in 16 round capacity, or 19 round capacity. Choose from standard or large palm swells in the 16 round capacity. *The shortest, 13 round capacity palm swell, is included for the future release of the 13 round magazine. 



Model Type B
Weight 29.6 oz. (unloaded)
Length 7.7″
Height 5.2″
Width 1.4″
Sight radius 6.5″


Action Striker-fired
Caliber 9×19
Locking system AF‑Speedlock®
Frame Steel, nitride finish
Slide Steel, nitride finish
Trigger Tactile - short reset
Barrel 4.3″, 6 grooves, 1:10 RH twist, 45° crown, nitride finish
Magazines capacity 2 x Mags Inc, 1 x 16 RDS & 1 x 19 RDS


(Disclaimer: Please ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal firearm regulations when purchasing)

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