Strike One Dark Horse Edition


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The Ultimate Synthesis of Speed and Precision:

Strike One Dark Horse Edition

This special edition amalgamates the quintessence of the Strike One Speed's agility with the sophistication of the Mark II, wrapped in a design that's not only visually stunning but functionally superior.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Trigger: The advanced trigger system in the Dark Horse Edition blends the responsiveness of the Strike One Speed with an adjustable trigger pull due to a trigger set screw placed in the sub-frame.

  • Enhanced Slide Dynamics: The Dark Horse Edition introduces significant design modifications to the slide. These changes not only augment the aesthetic appeal but significantly improve functional aspects such as faster press checks, providing a tangible edge in high-speed scenarios.

  • Optics Included: The Dark Horse Edition includes a Holosun EPS Carry Optic, Green Dot MRS, Multi-Reticle System w/ solar mini-panel.

  • DPM Systmes Recoil Spring System: DPM allows for faster follow-up shots and an improved firing speed, enhancing the user's shooting experience. The reduction in recoil, combined with the overall design of the system, results in better control and greater accuracy when firing the weapon.

  • Redesigned Grip Stippling: Experience a new level of comfort and control with the redesigned grip stippling. This tactile innovation feels more natural in the hand while providing exceptional tactical grip, ensuring steady handling in all conditions.

  • Flared Magwell: Designed to enhance performance and speed during reloading, this magwell is precision-engineered to ensure quick and seamless magazine changes.

  • Base Pad: Our billet aluminum +3 Base Pad adds extra rounds the the stock magazine and increases the efficency of quick mag changes.

  • Threaded Barrel: We've kept the Strike One MARK 2's Threaded Barrel 1/2 x 28

Elevate your shooting experience with the Strike One Dark Horse Edition – a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and unparalleled performance. Ideal for competitive shooters, professionals, or firearm enthusiasts, this edition is a beacon of innovation and excellence in firearm design.

Order Now and Experience the Pinnacle of Shooting Performance!

(Disclaimer: Compliance with all local, state, and federal firearm regulations is required when purchasing this firearm.)

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