The "OG" RMR Bundle W/ Gen 1 Grip


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The "OG" Bundle Trijicon RMR CUT
Archon Firearms Type B
RAIN6 Exclucive

The OG is the only RMR optic cut Type B to include the legendary original Type-B Grip.   

This RAIN6 exclusive maintains all of the internal featurs of the Gen 2 Type B, and adds the Trijicon RMR slide cut and the "Retro" Grip. The "OG" bundle utilizes the most widely recognized Trijicon RMR and SRO optics, as well as Holosun C series optics and more.


  • Trijicon RMR Cut
    • Direct Fit: RMR, SRO, and All Other Optics Accepting RMR Footprint
    • Bottom Plate w/ Anti-Flicker Included.
    • Cover Plate Included
  • Two Magazines: 2 x 16 Rds.
  • Retro Gen 1 Grip W/ Grip Map Texture, And Stipple Ready.



Archon Type B Gen I Features:

  1. AF-Speedlock® The patented AF-Speedlock® technology revolutionizes pistol design by preventing barrel tilting during the slide cycle. This innovative system ensures the barrel moves in a straight path, resulting in enhanced accuracy and stability during follow-up shots, surpassing traditional Browning system pistols.
  2. Ultra-Low Bore Axis: Experience the benefits of the lowest in class bore-axis, which includes improved recoil management, minimal muzzle flip, faster split times, and increased accuracy, all leading to an unrivaled shooting experience.

  3. Premium Trigger: Experience the Type B's full steel trigger with internal safety, negating the distraction of protruding trigger safeties. The tactile shortened trigger reset allows faster follow-up shots for rapid and precise target engagement.

  4. Magazine Release: Mag changes are swift and positive due to the Type B's steel magazines coupled with its dynamic tension behind the mag release button. 

  5. Extended Beveled Magazine Well: Quickly funnel magazines into the pistols mag-well for fast reloads. Apply pressure to the pronounced bevel for a sure purchase to the grip.

  6. Enhanced Beaver Tail: Eliminate slide bite while decreasing muzzle flip by leveraging the extended beaver tail.

  7. Front Serrated Notch: Perform press checks and slide manipulations easily and confidently with the Type B's first in industry slide design.

  8. Retro Grip: The original non-modular grip is designed to maintain a positive purchase in a veriaty of shooting situations.



Model Type B
Weight 29.6 oz. (unloaded)
Length 7.7″
Height 5.2″
Width 1.4″
Sight radius 6.5″


Action Striker-fired
Caliber 9×19
Locking system AF‑Speedlock®
Frame Steel, nitride finish
Slide Steel, nitride finish
Trigger Tactile - short reset
Barrel 4.3″, 6 grooves, 1:10 RH twist, 45° crown, nitride finish
Magazines capacity 2 Mags Inc.  2 x 16 RDS


(Disclaimer: Please ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal firearm regulations when purchasing)

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